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GoKart Kids is a platform connecting families with rigorously vetted and highly trusted drivers in order to provide safe and reliable transportation for their kids.


GoKart Kids was created based on the reality that there needed to be a safer and more reliable solution to kids’ transportation. The team at GoKart Kids cares very deeply about child safety, as well as keeping kids involved in their community. Our goal is to help families juggle school, activities and the modern challenges of a work-life balance.

Our iOS and Android apps allow parents to request rides with the click of a button! Our apps are designed to be easy to use, safe and transparent. Since launching in 2016, GoKart Kids has expanded their operations to include the government and corporate sectors.

About Us

Who Can Use GoKart Kids?

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We provide parents with peace of mind by offering them a safe and reliable solution for their kids' transportation needs. Our company is designed to connect parents with highly vetted and trusted drivers in their area. Parents can seamlessly request a ride through the app, monitor their ride status, view their driver's information and photo, contact their driver, track their ride and re-book for another day! Parents can also take advantage of our "favorite" driver feature to request a specific driver.

Foster Care Agencies

GoKart Kids has been vetted and approved by numerous local governments to provide transportation to kids in the foster care system. We are proud to partner with the government sector to promote child safety and accessibility. Through these partnerships, we are able to assist various social services departments by providing the necessary transportation to and from home, school, after-school activities, doctor appointments and family visitations.


We are honored to play a role in keeping kids in their base schools and increasing their accessibility. Our role as a vendor for the government sector has been an incredibly rewarding experience for our team.

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Corporate Sector

Is your company attracting and retaining top talent? Have you noticed that your employees are not just employees? Many high-performing employees are also parents. It is vital for companies to offer benefits that address child care needs in order to stay relevant in the marketplace. We believe transportation for your employees' kids should be one of those benefits. 


Are your employees staying late for a meeting? Traveling? Subsidizing the cost of transportation for your employees' kids allows the employees to balance their work and personal responsibilities, without jeopardizing their child's safety. We provide the option for companies to fully or partially cover the cost of transportation through our corporate package.  

Partner Organizations

Does your business rely on kids getting to and from your facility or campus? Does your program need assistance with transportation for outings or field trips? GoKart Kids partners with a variety of after school programs, youth groups and organizations to alleviate the issue of transportation.


Our partners are welcome to utilize our services on a regular or as-needed basis depending on their needs. Partners that employ our services regularly are able to take advantage of discounts and carpool options to keep fares minimal.  We also accommodate transportation for longer trips.

We are fully equipped and insured to cover the transportation piece so that you don't have to!

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What Makes GoKart Kids Great!

Personalized Attention

When your child rides with GoKart Kids, they are their driver's first and only priority. Unlike other transportation companies, your child is not sharing a car, shuttle bus or van with other riders.

Quality of Drivers

All drivers have passed a rigorous vetting process. Drivers have 5 + years of childcare experience, clean multi-jurisdictional background checks and DMV screens, vehicles in good condition and valid drivers licenses. GoKart Kids drivers share our mission for child safety.


We created our platform to be as transparent as possible. Users can request rides, monitor their ride status, view their driver's information, contact their driver, track their child's ride, re-book trips and review ride history.

What Our Customers are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Young Teacher

“GoKart has been a LIFESAVER!! It is a much needed service for families on the go. The reservation process is so easy and their team is always willing to help and answers quickly. My girls are 8th graders and we have used this service several times when I’ve been out of town on business and my husband’s schedule didn’t allow him to pick them up from school. We will continue to use it when they move to high school in the fall. Thanks GoKart!”

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Can I request the same driver?

Yes! Users have the option to request a specific driver when booking. This feature grants the requested driver first access to claim the ride. If the requested driver is unavailable, then the ride is released to other drivers in the area.

How will I know when my ride has been claimed?

A requested ride is pending until it is claimed by a driver. Once the ride request is claimed by a driver, the ride status changes to claimed and the driver's information becomes visible.

We recommend turning the text notifications "on" under settings. This allows the user to receive text notifications when their ride status has changed. Users can check their ride status at any time in the app.

How much does a ride cost?

Rides start at $19. Total fare depends on mileage, number of passengers and stops, and any excess wait or travel time.

Getting a quote is easy! Use the link below or enter your ride details in the app!

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