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Frequently Asked Questions

What safety measures are in place due to COVID?


In order to keep our drivers and passengers as safe as possible, we are requiring masks to be worn at all times during rides. Drivers are responsible for wiping down seats between passengers.


Drivers and clients are to notify our team immediately if they have been exposed to COVID.

Can I request the same driver?


Yes! Parents have the option to request a specific driver when booking. This feature grants the requested driver first access to claim the ride. If the requested driver is not available, then the ride is released to other drivers in the area.

How much does a ride cost?


Rides start at $19 plus a $3 booking fee. Total fare depends on mileage, number of passengers and stops, and any excess wait or travel time. 

Getting a quote is easy! Use the link below or enter your ride details in the app!

Get a Quote

How does the booking process work?


Requesting a ride for your child is easy! Simply download the 'GoKart Kids' app to get started. From there, select who will be riding, when are where they need to be picked up and dropped off.

Parents can leave their driver a message for special instruction and check on their ride status at any time in the app. Once a ride has been claimed, the parent can view their driver's profile, vehicle and contact information.

How will my kid recognize their driver?


As soon as your ride is claimed, you will have access to your driver's information, vehicle details and photo. We encourage you to share this information and photo with your child. All of our drivers have the GoKart Kids logo displayed on their windshield.


We have also integrated a "secret word" feature that allows parents to input a secret word in the message box to the driver. Only the parent, driver and child know the word. 


Users have the option to include their child's phone number. This can assist the driver and passenger if they need help locating each other.

Can I book more than one ride at a time?


Our system requires rides to be booked individually. However, we integrated a re-book feature to make booking the same ride for another day as easy as possible! Simply tap "book again" on the ride you wish to re-book and change the date.

How does GoKart Kids vet their drivers?


We only hire drivers who exceed all of our expectations and requirements. If we hired them, then we trust them with our own kids.

Our requirements include:

  • 5+ years childcare experience

  • Stellar references

  • Strong communication skills

  • A kind, friendly, honest and approachable attitude

  • Passion for safety and working with families


Our vetting process includes:​

  • Multi-jurisdictional background check

  • DMV screen

  • Vehicle approval and proof of valid insurance and registration

  • Interview with our management team

  • Vehicle inspection


All drivers are required to provide up to date vehicle registration and insurance, as well as a valid driver's license.

What if I need to cancel a ride?


We understand plans change! The app allows users to easily cancel a ride. Depending on when the ride is cancelled and whether or not it was claimed by a driver, a full or partial refund will be issued. There are no refunds for claimed rides that are cancelled within four hours of the scheduled pickup time.


Cancellation fees only apply to rides that have been claimed by a driver, as does the non-refundable booking fee.


How will I know when my ride has been claimed?

A requested ride is pending until it is claimed by a driver. Once the ride request is claimed by a driver, the ride status changes to claimed and the driver's information becomes visible.

We recommend turning the text notifications "on" under settings. This allows the user to receive text notifications when their ride status has changed. Users can check their ride status at any time in the app.

Does GoKart Kids offer discounts?


Yes! Clients who book regularly can take advantage of a discounted rate. The amount will vary depending on how frequently you book and your location. Discounts are issued as credit at the end of the week once rides are complete. Please contact us directly at for questions regarding discounts.

What if my school requires a carpool tag?


We work with most schools so that our drivers can easily pick up from carpool lines. If your school requires a carpool tag, you can send this information directly to your driver.

Do you provide booster seats?


Yes! The app will allow you to indicate if your child requires a booster seat. This information is visible to drivers and allows them to be prepared. 


Please note that not all drivers have booster seats in their vehicles at all times. It's important for parents to indicate the need for a booster seat in that passenger's details. There is a booster seat setting that users can turn "on".

What are your hours of operation?


Users are welcome to request a ride at any time. Our service operates around the clock, though ride coverage may be limited during certain times due to driver availability. These times include; early morning, late evening, weekends and holidays. 


GoKart Kids' customer support line is available from 7 am - 5:30 pm EST. We have an emergency line available for before and after hours.

How far in advance can I book?


Our app-based platform allows users to request rides as far in advance as they wish. Many users request rides weeks or months out when they know their needs ahead of time. Ride coverage is based on driver availability, so requesting rides ahead of time increases the chance that a driver will be available at the requested time.

Last-minute ride requests can be submitted. Coverage will depend on driver availability.

Is there a carpool option?


We are happy to accommodate carpool requests! We appreciate that carpooling is an environmentally and budget-friendly option. As such, we have integrated features that allow users to add extra pickup and drop off locations to make carpooling possible.

We welcome clients to reach out to other parents through their school, program and neighborhood list-serves to find other parents interested in arranging carpool.

Why is there a pending charge on my account?


When a ride is booked through the app, our system issues a pending charge in order to verify that funds are connected to the account. Pending charges are not processed and typically disappear in a day or two.

Can I meet my driver?


We want you to feel comfortable with our service and drivers! Our drivers are happy to meet with you before a ride or at a separate time.


To schedule a meet and greet prior to pickup, utilize the message to driver box to indicate wishes for a meet prior to the ride. We suggest scheduling the pickup time 10-15 minutes early to allow time to meet the driver. An additional $5 charge will be applied to compensate the driver for their time. For meet and greets lasting longer than 10-15 minutes, additional charges may be applied.


To schedule a meet and greet at another time, contact customer support directly at To meet a driver independently of a scheduled ride, there is a $20 charge to cover the driver's time and mileage. 

What are the wait time charges?


There is a 10 minute grace period at pickup before wait time charges apply. After the grace period, wait time charges of $0.50 per minute will be applied in order to compensate our drivers for their time.

Please note that after 30 minutes of wait time, a driver may need to leave to get to their next ride. Please contact your driver directly if you anticipate wait time or need to request an adjustment to your pickup time.

What areas do you service?


GoKart Kids proudly services all areas of North Carolina and select cities in SC. For specific inquiries, please feel free to contact our team directly at or call 877-860-4010.

What if I need to make a change to my ride?


We understand plans change! If your ride has been claimed by a driver and your pickup time has slightly changed, please contact your driver  directly to see if they can accommodate the change in time. Depending on their availability, your driver will let you know if they are able to support your request. If the driver is not able to support the request, you may keep the ride as is or cancel the ride and submit a new request. Please note that any requests to change pickup time for more than 1 hour are considered a new a ride and need to be requested as such.

If your ride has not already been claimed by a driver and you wish to change the pickup time, you can cancel the pending ride request at no fee and request a new ride.

What is the secret word safety feature?


GoKart Kids has a special "secret word" feature for enhanced safety and peace of mind. Simply include a secret word in the message to driver box. Only you, your driver and child will know the secret word. Your child can ask the driver for the secret word at pickup to ensure they have the correct driver. 


How many passengers can ride in a car?


Two passengers are included in the base rate and all driver vehicles can support at least two passengers. Users are welcome to add as many passengers to their ride request as they like, but depending on the number of passengers, this may limit the ability of some drivers to claim the ride due to number of seats in their vehicle.

Please note that all passengers under 12 years old are required to sit in the backseat.

Can I add a stop on the ride?


Yes! Our app allows users to add an extra pick up or ride stop. The app will prompt the user to select "yes" or "no" when it asks if they'd like to add a stop. There is an additional $5 fee for extra pickup points and stops.

Can my child eat in the car?


Ultimately, it is up to the specific driver as to whether or not a passenger is allowed to eat in their vehicle. We suggest that passengers eat before or after a ride when possible. Our drivers are required to keep their cars clean, so please make sure all passengers are respectful of this and take any trash with them.

What does insufficient funds mean?


The app is designed to complete the ride transaction as soon as the ride is complete. If there is not a valid payment method connected to the account at the time the ride is complete, the app will not be able to complete the transaction. In these cases, the app is unable to work properly and we have to manually charge for the ride. There is a $5 additional fee for this. We strongly encourage users to update their payment method as needed to avoid any unnecessary fees.

Have Another Question?

We are happy to answer any and all questions you have about our service. The quickest way to get in touch with us is to send us a message using the box below.


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