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Hear it From Our Customers

Young Teacher

“GoKart has been a LIFESAVER!! It is a much needed service for families on the go. The reservation process is so easy. My girls are 8th graders and we have used this service several times when I’ve been out of town on business and my husband’s schedule didn’t allow him to pick them up from school. We will continue to use it! Thanks GoKart!”

Ruby B

Image by Christiana Rivers

"Miss Vickie has helped us both times and it has been really great! She is communicative, friendly, professional and prompt. Her car is clean and my children are comfortable riding with her. This service is doing a fantastic job filling one of my most important needs. Thank you!"


Smiling Young Man

"GoKart is just so convenient and easy to use, safe for getting the kids to where they need to go, and we love it!"



“I highly recommend this service for families who need help with kid transportation. I’ve used GoKart many times over the past 8 months and the service has been flawless. Its been 100 percent reliable, comfortable for my kids, and so easy. ”

Sharon B

Elegant Female

"I have had fantastic experiences with GoKart! It's been a safety net for me as a single mom who works, knowing my child can safely get to and from places. I love the constant updates from the drivers."


Woman with Crossed Arms

"GoKart has been a blessing. My daughter talks about all of the drivers being nice. I appreciate the service!"


Image by Sigmund

"I absolutely loved the services, as did my kids. I am incredibly grateful that this service is available. I will be reaching out to schedule more trips. It’s such an invaluable service!!!"


Image by humberto chavez

"GoKart worked out perfectly! The kids liked both drivers a lot, they were there on time, and got the kids where they needed to go. I’m so glad we found your service."


Mature Businessman

"The kids are happy and enjoy all the drivers. They've only had positive things to say and that makes me feel good. I know they are safe which is very important for a piece of mind."



"Your service is a godsend! My son is 16 but we just moved here and he has not completed the drivers test. My husband and I both work so getting him to practice is very tough. This is a great service!"


Middle Aged Woman

"The rides have been going very well. I really like the process of notification via the app for the pick ups, drop offs, drivers, etc. It has been a great resource for us to bridge the gap from school to sports. Thanks for inventing this service. It really fills a hole for busy parents like me!"

Kaiya R

Attractive Young Woman

"We are using GoKart in the mornings and it’s working great. My daughter likes her drivers and feels safe with them. Thank you!"

Lisa K

Business Owner

"I've used GoKart to bring my 11 year old son home from school. Your service is great! Thanks for being there for me."


Image by Jonathan Borba

"I'm really appreciating this service. My child really likes the drivers and feels safe!"


Woman Working on Laptop

"GoKart has been indispensable to our family…there are simply times when I can’t be two places at once, and GoKart has been reliable and I feel completely safe sending my kids forth! We’ve been using the service for 4 months and can’t speak highly enough about our experience!"

Martha L

Woman in Yellow

"There is no amount of money or “thank yous” enough for the peace of mind the service given me. I am grateful for GoKart!"

Marie S

Portrait of Senior Woman

"The service provided worked really well and the attention provided was greatly appreciated. I booked rides for the following week as I will be on a business meeting and really appreciate the accommodation to make sure my daughter feel safe."

Ana G

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