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What We Offer

A Safe and Reliable Transportation Solution for a Variety of Needs


Personalized Service for Parents

Working late? Do the kids need to be in different places at the same time? Thinking about rescheduling date night - again?

Let us help! We will happily and safely get your kids get where they need to go. As parents, we wear lots of hats and our service is available to help you manage your family's activities.


We provide parents with peace of mind by offering them a safe and reliable solution for their kids' transportation needs. Our company is designed to connect parents with highly vetted and trusted drivers in their area. Parents can seamlessly request a ride through the app, monitor their ride status, view their driver's information and photo, contact their driver, track their ride and re-book for another day! Parents can also take advantage of our "favorite" driver feature to request a specific driver.


Your child and their safety is our top priority.

Find out why thousands of families are utilizing the GoKart Kids app!

Valued Partner for Youth Organizations

Does your business rely on kids getting to and from your facility or campus? Does your camp need assistance with transportation? GoKart Kids partners with a variety of after school programs, non-profits, youth groups and organizations to remove the issue of transportation. We are fully equipped and insured to cover the transportation piece so that your organization does not have to.

Partners are welcome to utilize our services regularly or on an as-needed basis. Partners that use our services regularly can take advantage of special discounts and carpool options that reduce fares per passenger. We also accommodate transportation for longer trips!

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Vendor for Foster Care Agencies

Looking for a vendor to assist with transportation?

GoKart Kids has been vetted and approved by numerous local government agencies to provide transportation to kids in the foster care system. We are proud to partner with the government sector to promote child safety and accessibility.

Too often social workers carry the burden of providing the necessary transportation to the kids in their care. We work with social services to coordinate and facilitate transportation so that kids can remain in their base schools, participate in after-school activities, make doctor appointments, attend visitations and much more.

We are honored to play a role in promoting child safety and accessibility for kids in foster care through our government contracts. Contact us today for more information!

Employee Benefit for Companies

Is your company attracting and retaining top talent? Many high-performing employees are also parents. It is increasingly important for companies to offer benefits that address childcare needs in order to stay competitive. We believe child transportation should be one of those benefits.


Are your employees staying late for a meeting? Traveling for work? Many businesses require their employees to work long hours or attend functions that make it challenging to be available as a parent. Too often, parents quit their job because it doesn't allow them any way to get their child home from school or an after-school activity while they're at work.  

Subsidizing the cost of child transportation for your employees allows them to better balance their work and personal responsibilities. 


Contact us today to learn more about our corporate packages!

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